Vasky Cards

"Share a laugh."

Now here's a concept I trust we can all agree on, and the very spirit which informs Vasky Cards; my new line of greeting cards featuring, yes, my artwork. Funny and smart Vasky Cards bring the gift of humor to every occasion. View my initial 12 designs by simply clicking and following the 'Vasky Cards' link on the home page.

And please bear with me as this effort is in its infancy. Presently the cards are available for purchase by check with a minimum order via the web of 8 cards (1 box). Our online purchasing capability should be in place early 2009. If you're located on the the South Shore of Massachusetts, there are several shops carrying Vasky Cards with more venues to come. As always, feel free to email or call me directly with any questions and we'll get the cards to you.

If you'd like to stay informed of Vasky Cards updates and announcements please send your email to and you'll be added to my mailing list. Of course, I respect your privacy, and I will never sell, share or distribute your email or personal information to a third party, ever. 

I appreciate and encourage your feedback and suggestions. Thanks for your support. 

Share a laugh,

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