Here's a recent piece for the cover of Network World on the competition between the leading I.T. companies... or at least their CEO's.

My work primarily features facial expression whether in the form of a gentle likeness, extreme caricature, or simply to help tell the story. As with most assignments, this particular illustration had to capture the prominent features of these gentlemen and allow for the cover design elements; mailing label in the lower left side, masthead along top and various copy headlines on the left side of the page.

It's always fun and challenging to create an image that meets the criteria of design space, production deadline and, of course, pleases the client (and me). I'll post the print version as soon as I receive a copy.

Thanks to Stephen Sauer, art director at Network World for this opportunity.

© Daniel Vasconcellos 2009 All rights reserved

Risk assessment

Have you ever found yourself trapped in an intimate setting with someone you have absolutely nothing in common with?...

Humorist Pat McManus writes of such an encounter (as only he can) in the March 2009 issue of Outdoor Life magazine.
And after reading Pat's take, I figured an illustration of him in the paddler's "distress" position would say it all. The good folks at OL agreed and here's the two-step; sketch to final process above.

© Daniel Vasconcellos 2009 All rights reserved

Try something new...

Okay, I'm not suggesting bananas with ketchup. More along the lines of trying a new creative approach like calling me to collaborate on your next visual assignment.

My hand-drawn, humorous, pen and ink and watercolor illustrations have served to connect a wide-range of clients stories with their intended audience. My work resonates through humor and expressive characters who are all-too familiar. In short, my work (and I) won't disappoint.

Give me a call.

© Daniel Vasconcellos 2009 All rights reserved

Heavy lifting

A recent assignment for the Christian Science Monitor, Mutual Funds Quarterly section once again featuring the bear as economic indicator.... or maybe it's just one of those 'too big to fail' folks who aren't apparently held to account for the whereabouts of the recent generous 'bail out' money given to them by the U.S. taxpayer?

John Kehe, Graphics Designer at the Christian Science Monitor shared the heavy lifting in creating this illo.

© Daniel Vasconcellos 2009 All rights reserved

Vasky Cards

"Share a laugh."

Now here's a concept I trust we can all agree on, and the very spirit which informs Vasky Cards; my new line of greeting cards featuring, yes, my artwork. Funny and smart Vasky Cards bring the gift of humor to every occasion. View my initial 12 designs by simply clicking and following the 'Vasky Cards' link on the home page.

And please bear with me as this effort is in its infancy. Presently the cards are available for purchase by check with a minimum order via the web of 8 cards (1 box). Our online purchasing capability should be in place early 2009. If you're located on the the South Shore of Massachusetts, there are several shops carrying Vasky Cards with more venues to come. As always, feel free to email or call me directly with any questions and we'll get the cards to you.

If you'd like to stay informed of Vasky Cards updates and announcements please send your email to and you'll be added to my mailing list. Of course, I respect your privacy, and I will never sell, share or distribute your email or personal information to a third party, ever. 

I appreciate and encourage your feedback and suggestions. Thanks for your support. 

Share a laugh,

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AND in the category of "Leading Animal in the Present Economic Crisis"

the winner IS...

(drum roll)

... the hulkin' bear.

Sketch above was created for Christian Science Monitor, Mutual Funds Quarterly article. As federal investigations continue to evolve somebody might want to tell the pig to be ready and waiting in the wings. This role could be recast real soon.

© Daniel Vasconcellos 2008 All rights reserved

Lets Make a Deal

This from a radio program earlier today in response to the 'rescue' package being debated on Capitol Hill:

"We're socializing losses and privatizing profits".
- Gretchen Morgenson, business columnist for The New York Times.

Dead on, if you ask me. Dead on.

© Daniel Vasconcellos 2008 All rights reserved

Laughter + wine =

If laughter is good medicine then why not combine it with the fruit of the vine. Well, Mr. Ron Leland and the talented folks at Real Life Branding did just that with this client's product, and on a recent visit I bumped into these old friends.

The sketches were provided by yours truly for their Laughing Kookaburra brand development project and the little guy that eventually made the cut can be seen here:

(Note: Have the volume on your computer turned down)

© Daniel Vasconcellos 2008 All rights reserved

Yellow Bus

I don't know where summer went, but I suspect the yellow school bus which arrived on our street last week may have been involved with its disappearance. 

It also reminded me of this illustration I'd created for a Smart Money Magazine article on summer camps. It addressed the concerns parents have for their child's well being when going off to summer camp. As a parent, and veteran kid, this experience transfers with the changing season from camp to the school bus. The big yellow school bus.

And now our son, Davis, fully appreciates the exaggerated preparedness concept behind this illustration as his overnight summer camp experience was a worse case scenario of what awaits the unsuspecting camper. Thankfully, he's fully recovered, but there's one aspect of summer I won't miss.

© Daniel Vasconcellos 2008 All rights reserved

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs...

I came across these sketches recently and thought I'd share them with you. Suffice to say I was asked to render some simple dog characters for a potential assignment and here's a sampling of what poured onto one of several sketchbook pages. 

Posted for two simple reasons:

1. Yes, I do draw dogs. 

2. My web host is anything but a dog and can be found by clicking their logo down below. (Woof! a bit of a shameless plug for these fine service-minded canines.)

© Daniel Vasconcellos 2008 All rights reserved

Summer fare

... is now being served. With temps recently in the 80's -- and it's only early June! The smells and sounds of summer are not far away. The kids will be out of school in a few short days and oh boy... let the fun begin! 

This recent illustration was created for the First Parish Church Summer Fair in Duxbury, MA. The 158th Annual... and this smilin' kid is doing it all!

© Daniel Vasconcellos 2008   All rights reserved